1. Malik says boys have faster reaction times than girls because:

  1. His brother is the best batter on the school’s baseball team.
  2. Boys play baseball and girls play softball.
  3. Venus and Serena Williams are not as strong as male tennis players.
  4. All of his male friends are much better athletes than any female athlete at school.

2. What is Juan’s response to Malik’s claim that boys have faster reaction times than girls?

  1. Juan’s response is to remain neutral because Malik is his friend and he doesn’t want to argue with him.
  2. Juan’s response is to suggest that there are many things that might affect a person’s reaction time.
  3. Juan’s response is to disagree with Malik because his mother is a great athlete and his dad isn’t.
  4. Juan’s response is to agree with Malik’s claim because he knows that Stephanie is not faster than the boys in her class.

3. What do Malik and Stephanie finally agree on?

  1. Both agree that girls are better at playing baseball than boys.
  2. Both agree that Serena and Venus Williams have slow reaction times.
  3. Both agree that a test is needed to get a better sense of reaction times.
  4. Both agree that they need to practice hitting fastballs.