Unit T2

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Unit T2 Focus Words


noun – in science, a representation of how something works

verb – to create a representation of how something works

The architect built a model of the house and showed it to her clients so they could make any changes before the real house was built.


noun – a group of different parts that work together

Your body’s immune system is made up of different parts that work together to fight off diseases and keep you from getting sick.


verb – to show or stand for a thing or idea in a way that can be understood by most people

The diagram in my science book represents the watershed system in a way that makes sense to young science students.


verb – to do something that looks like or feels like the real thing, but isn’t the real thing

Before they actually go into space, astronauts train on machines that simulate what it’s like to be in space.


noun – a drawing or plan that shows exactly where something is, what something looks like, or how something works

verb – to show something in a drawing, chart, or plan

In science class, we looked at a diagram of the human heart that showed how blood passes through four different chambers.


noun – the connection between two or more things that affect each other

Scientific experiments have shown that there is a relationship between exercising regularly and having a healthy heart.

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