Making Waves

Student View of Visuals and Activities

noun – the rate at which something repeats over time

noun – measurement of highest point (or lowest point) in a wave when compared to its resting position

noun – the area around the lowest point of a wave; sometimes called a “valley”

noun – the top of something; the area around the highest point of a wave; sometimes called a "peak"

noun – the distance in a wave between one crest and the next, or between two consecutive troughs

noun – the state of being squeezed or pressed together

noun – a substance (like a solid, liquid, or gas) that the energy of a wave can travel through. In the example above, the medium is a flag.

verb — to move back and forth (or up and down) around a point; to shake with small, rapid movements to and fro.

noun – a length of time


noun – bending or turning of a wave around obstacles, or spreading out after the waves pass through small openings


noun – bending or turning of a wave as it goes from one medium to another, for example a light wave bending from air to water

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