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Against Answer-getting
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Planning Chapters, Not Lessons
These define the content of a student's mathematical character. - Phil Daro
Phil Daro Mathematics Common Core State Standards
Phil Daro speaks to principles that he and the other Common Core State Standards authors established when forming the standards. He also discusses the intention of the standards and their vision. Daro talks about the potential that the CCSS-M have to effect change in education in the United States.
Formative Principles of the Common Core State Standards
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Formative Principles
Against "Answer-getting"
Phil Daro goes on to describe answer-getting, which is a problematic student practice that the Common Core State Standards address.
Correct answers are essential... but they're part of the process, they're not the product. The product is the math the kids walk away with in their heads... - Phil Daro
Planning Chapters, Not Lessons
There's a lot of value to getting it just about right, and a lot of cost to getting it wrong, and what we discovered is that mathematics does not break down into lesson-sized pieces. - Phil Daro
Phil Daro explains that planning individual lessons in isolation does not support thinking about mathematical concepts as well as chapter or unit planning does. He explains that “grain size" is a critical issue in mathematics instruction.