WordGen Elementary

(for grades 4 and 5) is comprised of 12 two-week units per grade level. It expands students’ background knowledge and academic vocabulary, while emphasizing practices such as argumentation, analytic reasoning, reading to find evidence, oral discussion, and writing.

WordGen Weekly

is a supplementary curricular resource that offers a series of discussable dilemmas designed to promote academic language and other academic practices prioritized in the 21st century learning standards.

Reading Inventory and Scholastic Evaluation

RISE is a 45- to 60-minute web-based assessment appropriate for diagnosing the reading skills of students in grades 5 through 10. The RISE was developed to help identify students who struggle with basic reading skills and provide detailed information to teachers about the nature of their struggles.

Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention

STARI is a literature-focused, Tier II intervention for students in grades 6-9 who are reading 2-4 years below grade level. STARI addresses gaps in fluency, decoding, reading stamina, and reading comprehension, aiming to move struggling students to higher levels of proficiency at the end of one year.

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